Persistance is Key

Another week down!

Back for another week of blogs! Sadly I have to do this blog only two days after my most recent blog as I have a trip this weekend from Friday morning to Monday evening, so I do not have many life updates. All I really have to tell is that I am beginning to work on revamping our company’s financial plan to make sure it is accurate to give to investors, and I have been able to manage my own time better as my boss as not been in the office recently and I am currently working from home. It is a nice feeling that Cate and I are doing such important work for the company, as this was what I hoped for with an internship for such a small startup. I am currently doing more excel work which is what I enjoy far more than writing and researching, so I am quite happy with how things have been going. There was one small frustration, as I just received a new parts list for part of our bracelet which I had priced and put into our financial statement in the last two weeks. It turns out that the parts list I had used for all of that work in the past was outdated and incorrect, so I have spent the last couple days redoing most of that work and making a brand new price list for those parts. Today I was able to finish this though, therefore I can move forward and start working that into a revamped price and cost strategy as well as an organized 5 year plan for our business. My hope is to put a big dent into this in the next week as I am taking Friday off. I am using my two vacation days this weekend and going to Budapest with some of the other people in this program which I am super excited for. I have not really had the time to look into what I want to do in Budapest but I have only ever heard great things about the city. I am going to make more of a plan tonight, but I know I would like to go to their famous natural baths. Either way it will be a great time to blow off some steam from the stress of work, and it is much needed as the last couple weeks have been quite stressful.

I have always considered myself as someone who jumps into a leadership role in many different scenarios, whether I should or not. I was a captain for two sports teams in high school, and I have have always sort of tried to call the shots. A lot of times that is my downfall and I can be too controlling, and either it makes other people angry or it backfires on me and my plan or ideas were wrong. This is actually something that I have actively been trying to stop over the last year or so, as I know I do not need to always be in control. Since I have been working directly alongside Cate for almost all of our assignments, I have been trying to work on taking a step back and not controlling the situation. I think I am doing a better job of it, but of course I am still working on it. I think I am becoming a better leader on this program due to this stepping back, as I feel I am more calculated with my leadership. Being a big personality and a leader in many ways is a huge benefit, but the trick to being a good leader is making sure if you are the leader people want to follow. If you are more calculated about when to jump into a leadership role, a follower role, or an equal role you will be more successful in your endeavors. It is rare at Læmon that I need to step into a true leadership role, so it is quite easy to know when to step back, as Cate and I do much better when we delegate our tasks together and work together. Of course there is always room to improve, but I believe I will come back to Pittsburgh from this internship as a better leader. For me that means actually leading less, as I have never really struggled to jump in that role, but rather to be more calculated as to when my leadership would be beneficial to all.