Shows and concerts and palaces, oh my!

Today marks the beginning of the end of my time here in London. This past week was filled with shows and concerts and very little sleep. Though the majority of my time was spent at my internship this week, I was able to squeeze in some more exciting, touristy stuff. On Tuesday, I rode a bus to work for the first (and only!) time due to the strikes across Transport for London. Although it took me nearly two hours to get to work that morning, I was able to see so much more of London through the windows of a double decker bus. Later Tuesday night, I visited the London Top Secret Comedy Club with some friends, which left all of us in tears from laughing so hard. 

Wednesday, my fun week continued. A couple friends and I headed over to the National Gallery Museum in Trafalgar Square before our site visit at PwC. It was so cool to see pieces of art by Van Gogh, Picasso, and many, many more talented artists. Our site visit to PwC entailed a question & answer session with two Americans that work for PwC London. They gave us insightful information regarding the difference between the UK and US PwC roles. They also fielded our questions about their work, how they landed in London, and how we could also approach working abroad. We ended our site visit with a tour around the building. We were taken to a small terrace that had an awesome view of the Thames and the buildings surrounding it. After our site visit, we went to Regent’s Park where we enjoyed sunshine and ice cream, before finally going home to work on various assignments.

After a long day at work Thursday, my roommate, Taylor, and I attended Mamma Mia in Covent Garden. Having grown up watching the movies and listening to ABBA songs, I was enthralled with the performance! Taylor had never seen the Mamma Mia movies or play before, so I am very glad I encouraged her to see this one as it is now one of her favorite shows she’s ever seen.

While Friday was a rather short day at work, it was a long cold night at Wembley Stadium. Taylor and I attended the Ed Sheeran concert. Ed is one of my favorite artists, whom I haven’t seen in concert since 2018 in Pittsburgh. His show was fun and energetic, allowing us to dance and regain some heat in our bodies. Getting home was a bit of a nightmare considering there was another rail strike, so the tube was packed like a can of sardines. We had to walk through the pouring rain to the station after the concert, but I’d say it was worth it. 

Saturday morning, I was able to sleep in a bit for one of the very few times since I’ve arrived in London. However, I was awoken at 9 AM by the playground outside Ability Towers filled with screaming children. Despite my reluctance to get out of bed, I decided to spend my last full Saturday in London doing the last bit of tourist things on my list. I toured Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster. I hung out around Westminster in the Park for lunch, despite the chilly weather. I accidentally strolled onto a movie or show filming outside of Churchill’s War Rooms/ close to 10 Downing Street, which was where I was attempting to go! I treated myself to afternoon tea before finding a last minute, cheap ticket to Phantom of the Opera for that night. It was very comforting taking time alone to explore more of the city during my last weekend here.

My last Sunday in London was spent at Kensington Palace and yet another concert: Billie Eilish’s Happier than Ever Tour at the O2. I had so much fun refreshing my memory on the royal family tree in the morning then relaxing to music in the evening. Although I am exhausted today, it is completely worth it. I have accomplished so many bucket list items since I’ve been here and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m looking forward to the rest of the fun things I have planned for my last couple of days in London.