An Adventure-Filled Weekend

This past weekend was probably the most eventful one I have had since being in Dublin. I had the opportunity to see more of Ireland and I took advantage of it since unfortunately we only have a few weeks left and I don’t want to feel like I missed out on anything by the time I get back. I get a lot of recommendations from my Irish coworkers when I am in the office but some of the things I was told to skip out on I still decided to do since I don’t know when or if I’ll be back and when the opportunity would come up again. Even if it meant looking like a tourist, it was still a lot of fun.

The first day trip I took with one of my roommates and good friend was to Howth, which is a small coastal town that barely connects to the mainland of Ireland, a few miles north of the Dublin city centre. The first thing we did was the cliff walk, almost five miles, of gorgeous coasts and greenery. From different spots along the walk, we could see different parts of the sea and parts of Ireland. From one spot we could see Ireland’s Eye, the island right next to Howth, and across the way on the other side was Dun Laoghaire and other coastal towns that are south of Dublin but we could see them clearly from our high viewpoint in Howth. Along the cliff walk, we found the Tiny Hidden Beach, which had the smallest, most dangerous set of stairs ever to get down to it. It was only a couple hundred feet of coast and rocks everywhere and I barely went in the water as the temperature was only 60 or so degrees. After our walk back we had an amazing dinner at O’Connell’s, best known for their seafood. It was an amazing day trip and I would definitely go back, especially if it was a bit sunnier.

The next day, another roommate and I took a bus tour to a southern part of Ireland where the city of Cork is. We stopped at the Rockie Cashel, a castle of sorts that used to be the home of kings in Ireland and priests as well. There was a graveyard and a tiny town just below it and it was cool being almost transported to a different era from being inside such an old building. After this, we drove to Cork and we had lunch at a pub called Gallagher’s, very fitting for me and I decided immediately we had to go. We didn’t spend a ton of time in this city but we walked along the main strip and heard some buskers while taking in all the other people walking around us. Finally, we visited the Blarney Castle and grounds so we could kiss the Blarney Stone and gain some good luck. Now, I have been told, after kissing the stone, that locals like to pee on it, but I still believe I have 7 years of good luck and I don’t regret it one bit. We made our way back to Dublin after this and still managed to go out to a pub and beer garden that night that turned out to be one of the most fun nights I’ve had yet. However, after this very exciting weekend, I was excited to get back to a normal routine at work on Monday.

A soft skill that I have worked on a lot since working in Dublin is collaboration and teamwork, something that has been a bit challenging for me before this. Part of it has been because I need to ask for more direction in my internship and sometimes that requires working a lot with my coworkers on certain social media projects and seeing what they want out of it and working with their ideas to make the best content possible. Along with this and using social media I’ve perfected a few technical skills in marketing especially in using new platforms like Hootsuite and their website platform. I’ve learned a few new terms in social media marketing and have been analyzing numbers and engagement a little more than I have in the past which has been a great experience. One example where I’ve tried using cross-cultural skills is when I had to write a blog post that was about CVs, rather than what I’m used to, a resume. I had to do a little more research and double-checked with my Irish coworkers to make sure I was explaining everything correctly but just using adaptation and flexibility helped me navigate this project and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I’ll have to work on a few more projects like this so I’m hoping to work more on these cross-cultural skills in the last few weeks as well.

Gallagher, L 1
Gallagher, L 2
Gallagher, L 3