Growing and Learning


It is hard to remember how many weeks I have been in Dublin at this point since this place has began to feel so much like home that I have stopped counting. My internship has kept me busy, but everyone has been positive around the office after our amazing show closed with sold out shows every night. I also got to help out at my first event the company has put on. I loved getting to meet all the creative people my company works with as well as hear some new plays that are in the works. In my free time I attended a candlelit string quartet concert that was all Taylor Swift songs. It was such a blast as they encouraged everyone to sing along and dance in their seats. I ended my weekend by taking a day trip to Mountpelier Hill where I saw one of the most beautiful views I have ever laid my eyes on. I saw so much of Ireland from the top of that hill and it was so pretty that I did not want to leave. The camera certainly did not do the stunning view justice.

All of the sights I have visited along with all of the days I have spent at my internship have made me grow into quite the Dublin expert if I do say so myself, and along with that, I have picked up a ton of useful skills. When it comes to soft skills, I have felt a lot of personal growth within my internship. I have learned the importance of time management when I have to tackle getting ready, eating breakfast, and taking the bus to work while trying to arrive to the office on time. This was difficult to tackle at first since it is a good thirty minute journey to work everyday. Needing to look presentable and making sure I am able to squeeze some form of breakfast in means I need to get up at just the right time every day or else I might miss the bus. Now, I easily know when to leave and when to get off the bus. A task that seemed stressful the first week of my internship is now easily completed each morning.

Other soft skills I have learned if how to listen in a professional setting as well as be open to feedback. Listening to your boss is very much so different from listening to your BFF. I really need to listen carefully when given what tasks to do in order to do them properly. My one boss tends to think really fast and might spitfire a bunch of details at once. It is important for me to take all of what she says in or I might miss an important detail. With communication and growing as an intern comes being open to feedback. My bosses are very nice about this and do not yell at me or anything. They give constructive and useful feedback that I try my best to reflect in my work. It is something I have come to really appreciate.

For hard skills, my bosses have taught me all kinds of things under this spectrum. I have learned useful everyday tasks from how to tidy up an office to some rare, yet fun ones such as how to serve cheese and wine at an event. Unpacking and organizing the office during the first few weeks of my internship is something I will need to use when unpacking my new apartment in a month. Tasks under that umbrella have taught me organizational and designing skills. I have also developed some tech skills from having to film some videos to learning computer tools I was previously unaware of. I am very bad when it comes to using and implementing technology to its full potential and was nervous about this when starting my internship. However, I have learned how easy some things are and how I will continue to use these skills in my life long after I leave Dublin.

I knew I would learn some things while I was here, but I had no idea what. I am happy to have a company that wants me to learn as many of the jobs and tasks that go into theatre production. A bunch of the skills I have picked up will carry over to any career in the US. I have taken in a lot and feel more equipped for the rest of college and future jobs as a result. I know my company will continue to set me up for success while I am here and I look forward to learning more.