A Little Bit of Home

Throughout my internship at the Restaurants Association of Ireland I’ve mostly been using the customer relationship management platform Salesforce and Microsoft Excel. Salesforce is one of the most widely used management platforms, so learning how to navigate the site and understand the practical uses of its tools will be very beneficial for almost any job within a company I may have in the future. While I have previously used Excel in multiple classes in high school and at Pitt, I’ve gained experience using it in a professional capacity through the work I’ve done at my internship. As for soft skills, I’ve learned patience, how to work independently in a unique environment, and how to prioritize tasks. My direct supervisor has been away for the past two weeks so I’ve been working through a list of tasks she gave me to do during her time away. Occasionally though, the CEO will ask me to things for him instead, like filing documents or connect him with people on LinkedIn. I have to practice patience when this happens because although these tasks are mundane and interrupt the other work I’ve been assigned, he is the CEO and ultimately my boss. A part from what the CEO asks me to do, I spend most of my days working independently. While I don’t mind having no distractions from my work, I do wish I was involved in more team based activities since I’m a pretty extroverted person and love collaborating with different people. Since my supervisor has been away I’ve had to prioritize the list of tasks she gave me and manage my time so that I complete them all in an efficient manner. Learning all of these skills will be helpful in any future job, in my coursework when I return to Pitt, and just generally in life.
While my parents were visiting me in Dublin we were able to make so many great memories. Since I had to work during the weekdays, they went on day trips to Malahide to see the famous castle there and the Cliffs of Moher! On the days we spent together we went to Dun Laoghaire, explored Dublin, and hung out with the friends I’ve made while I’ve been here! When we went to Dun Laoghaire we really lucked out with the weather, it was warm (for Dublin), sunny and beautiful out! This made it a lot easier for me to gather the courage to jump off the famous Forty Foot and into the freezing Irish Sea. Even though it was unbelievably cold at first it was such an amazing experience and I’m so glad I got to share that moment with my parents (even though they “forgot” their bathing suits and couldn’t join me)! After jumping, we started talking to some locals who recommended we eat at this Italian restaurant nearby for lunch and the food was amazing! Of course we had to end our trip with a cone from Teddy’s Ice Cream before taking the Dart back into the city. It’s crazy how short of a ride it is from Dublin’s urban atmosphere to the scenic coastal views in Dun Laoghaire. Our next stop was the EPIC museum, where we learned all about Ireland’s history and culture and that of those who left Ireland and emigrated all around the world throughout the years. The museum was so well done and covered so many different areas of Irish culture like religion, music, art, dance, literature, film and much more! On another night after work I brought my parents to the pub on UCD’s campus to meet and hang out with some of the friends I’ve made here! It was trivia night so we all played as a team and worked together to try to figure out the answers. Unfortunately even between seven of us we struggled and tied for second to last place, but we had so much fun doing it and I’m so happy my parents got to have a good time with my new friends! My parents left that Thursday after a week of trying to squeeze in as much of Ireland as possible. Although I miss them already, it was so nice to have them here even for a week so that they could get a taste of what my life’s been like the past couple weeks and so I could get a little taste of home.