Growing & Adapting


What a great week! I am so happy to be seeing such sunny and warm days in Dublin, with even more coming in this next week. Never have I ever thought I would be excited to get a sunburn, but here we are!

Very early Friday morning my friends and I began our venture from UCD campus to Dublin airport (which is notoriously in shambles at the minute) to Edinburgh, Scotland. All the traveling to and from Dublin to Edinburgh’s city centre went so smoothly it was almost suspicious. The city itself was something straight out of a storybook. Despite all the grueling hills and winding streets, I never tired of walking and taking in all the sights. On that first day my roommate (and now dear friend) Holly acted as our own personal tour guide and showed us some notable locations in the creation of the Harry Potter series such as Greyfriars Kirkyard, where JK Rowling got many of the names for her characters, and the Elephant House, where she wrote sections of her books.

We proceeded to take a Ghost tour of the city while hearing some haunting stories of things that have happened in this old city. Although a bit gimmicky, ever second of it was entertaining. That night we had dinner outside and hit a few pubs, getting the chance to reminisce on our time abroad as the final weeks are approaching.

Saturday brought more and more walking. After brunch we hit some bookshops, souvenir stores, and Edinburgh Castle. The castle was absolutely beautiful and I love learning about all the history behind it. My favorite part was seeing some of the crown jewels, including those of Mary Queens of Scots. Seeing something so precious and priceless right in front of your face like that is such a surreal feeling and I am so happy I got to see it.

Leaving Edinburgh and facing reality of coming back to Dublin for only a couple more weeks hit everyone in our group very suddenly. The growing pains of becoming independent as a working young adult in an international setting were significant, but the friendships and connections that have been developed in even just a few weeks have been even more significant.

This week at the office I realized just how comfortable I feel around my co-workers now and appreciate the interactions I have with them each day. My favorite moment was last Thursday when my bosses Colin and Eoin decided to grab coffee outside and just take a walk to get to know each other more, for no reason in particular other than it was a beautiful morning. On this excursion I educated them on the best Harry Styles songs, where to get the best Philly Cheesesteak, and told them what Cheez Whiz is, for if/when they come to Philadelphia (where I am from).

Before embarking on this study abroad experience, I have never put too much thought into how I would define my leadership style. With some help and research from the internet, I believe my pre-Dublin leadership style would best fit the “visionary” style, in which there is a mix of enthusiasm, empathy, and encouragement amongst co-workers and peers to help them achieve their objectives and explore new ideas. Within various group projects in my time so far at Pitt, peers in peer reviews assignments have left comments about my work style relating very close to that of the visionary style. Upon further reflection of I have grown as a student and young professional since starting this experience, I think this style of leadership remains with me, but I am beginning to develop the confidence to become more hands-on with my assignments, delegations, and overall experiences as a leader while working as an intern in the office. With Intrepid Spirits being a smaller company with a close-knit office, the visionary style seems to be greater appreciated across all departments, and because of this I am very comfortable learning in such a space while continuing to grow my confidence on projects. Although encouragement, empathy, and inspiration are all very important in this office and in this particular internship experience as a whole, I have begun to notice there is also a significant need to ensure direct steps are being taken to complete projects and meet deadlines. In a smaller space as this, everyone must be held accountable in their positions as well as the spreading of important updates across departments in their current projects.

Intrepid’s Spirits product launch for their new ready-to-drink cocktail, Little & Green, is fast approaching and I am so excited to see how this company grows for years to come as they tap into the RTD market.

Until next week!