Coming to an End

              This past week has been nothing short of fantastic. As we are coming to the end of the program, I have been trying to make sure that I get everything in that I wanted to see before we leave. The last thing I had to knock off of my list was the TV Tower. The TV Tower is the quintessential Berlin building. The super tall tower can be seen from all over the city. It was one of the first buildings I noticed when I got into the city eight weeks ago. I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to go up to the top of it but I finally did so this weekend. I bought my ticket online for late afternoon. I went with one other student from the program, and we decided to go a few hours earlier. We explored a cool street market. Stands were selling food from all over the world as well as different trinkets and homemade goods. I really enjoyed walking through here because it showed just how diverse the city of Berlin really is. There were standings representing foods and goods from countries from almost every continent. After the market we stumbled on a beautiful café, where we sat and ate for a few hours before making the hike to the top of the TV Tower. Once in the building you have to take a massive elevator to the top where you end at the observation deck. The deck had fantastic vibes; music was playing there was a restaurant and bar there as well with people having dinner with their families. And of course, there was the view. One thing about Berlin is that it is a very short but wide city. There are no real skyscrapers so the TV Tower is really the only place you can see the city from above. It showed me truly how big the city was. For as far as the eye could see there were city blocks and buildings. Was definitely worth the trip up and a good way to cap off my time here.

              Within ImpactHub Berlin I think that success is defined by passion. Through my time here I have noticed that I have been able to find success in many different things. Whether it was with the original task I was given to generate and find new leads for the partnerships and sales team or spending extra time on a Friday afternoon to help set up an event for the community. The one thing that was consistent through these different activities was just working with passion. Even though I finished my “work” projects and did them well, I felt more successful while doing the smaller things. For example, before our big opening party we needed someone to build a staircase and install a wheelchair lift for our guests. I said I could help. I had no experience doing either of these things but after myself and a few other people finished them I could see that the rest of the team was so happy. This small task needed to get done so that the opening party that everyone had worked so hard on for months went smoothly. I knew that doing this would be a burden off my co-worker’s backs and I wanted to help them.

              In contrast to IHB, I think the culture of Germany is fairly similar to that of the USA. Most people go to work to get their job done and go home. The idea of a successful employee is someone how completes their task in a timely manner and doesn’t cause problems. As long as your work is done I would say someone is successful. There is probably a little more of a relaxed work environment in Germany but the idea of someone’s success is relatively the same. One thing that is different here in Germany than in the US is the idea of work taking over someone’s life. In the US it is widely known that many people spend all of their time working. Work always follows you home, and it you want to succeed you need to be willingly to put in those extra hours in order to advance. From what I have noticed here is that work stays in the office. You can grow within a company during working hours. Almost every store is closed on Sundays which also shows that people value their personal time a bit more over here as well.