Leading the Way


What a whirlwind this past weekend was! After another amazing week in Dublin, I decided to head to the other side of the country for a change of pace. I took a bus, train, walked, and before I knew it was in the beautiful harbor city of Galway. It was such a nice city with a nice Saturday market full of stands with homemade goods. I had to buy a souvenir so I picked out a cute bracelet from one of the stands. The guy running that stand was so talented and made named necklaces out of wire right in front of me. After taking in the city, I wandered to the coast and stepped into the gorgeous water while looking at the view and later ate the best fish and chips ever. The next day was a hot and sunny one as I went to the Cliffs of Moher. More stunning views were witnessed there as well. Galway was absolutely amazing and even though it is across the country, it was only a mere couple hours on the train to get there. Coming from the states, I could not imagine crossing America so easily. Galway was wonderful and I would certainly suggest visiting if you are in Ireland.

My involvement outside of the classroom at Pitt has given me some great leadership opportunities. From holding positions in my sorority to being active on my Pitt Dance Marathon committee, I have grown more confident and developed skills of a good leader. I have not had much leadership in a work setting however. This was my first time having a position where I occasionally hold my own reigns. I’ll be handed tasks or left alone for a bit where I am my own boss for that meantime. There have even been a few instances where I am more knowledgeable about something and have to lead as a result. While leadership in a work environment is a bit different from club and organization leadership, I think my time at Pitt has prepared me well for the moments I lead at my internship.

Before my internship, I would say my leadership style was a bit more relaxed. In a club setting, it feels like I am amongst fellow peers that I do not necessarily have to have a constant stern face around. That being said, I would be very organized while still keeping myself available for those who needed me. At my internship, it feels the same yet different in some ways. Since I am not the boss, I do not have the final say, but my voice is heard out which I appreciate. My boss, like myself, does not always act strict with me and tends to keep the office space cheerful. I have found how helpful this is when it comes to being productive. I also never considered how important it is to not only be able to communicate, but listen to others in a leadership setting as well. When my input is listened to, I can give a different perspective and also receive feedback on my ideas. Listening like that is something I will definitely take away form this internship when I return to my campus leadership roles.

I am still young and new to the world of 9-5’s, but I do hope to one day lead in some sort of capacity in whatever field I end up in. I respect the good demonstration of leadership qualities amongst my coworkers since a bad leader can be devastating for a group’s morale and work ethic. I have been in those environments and it made me doubt myself as an employee. Having a leader who can communicate as well as listen creates a space where they put the employee in the right direction while also still being available for them. It is really inspiring to witness good leadership and it makes me want to strive to be one as well. I already feel more confident in my abilities compared to the beginning of the internship. That first day I was so scared to say the wrong thing that my boss probably thought something was wrong with me. Now, while I still feel hesitant sometimes, I am not afraid to mess up. Doing or saying the wrong thing can sometimes be helpful in learning lessons in the long run. My boss fortunately understands that as a young intern, I am here to learn and experience this new work setting. I am not even close to a perfect leader, but I can certainly feel myself growing into one.