Dublin & Edinburgh!

Another week has flown by in Dublin! I’m so excited to enter the penultimate week of the program, though I’m sad to think it’s almost over! This past weekend, I visited Edinburgh with friends which was an absolutely wonderful experience. Edinburgh is a lovely city, and I was delighted to spend a weekend there, even though it was only for a short time. Since I was only there for one full day, I aimed to accomplish everything I could on the trip: climbing Calton Hill, walking through Victoria Street, seeing Edinburgh Castle, and more. Since we had an early flight back to Dublin on Sunday, I had the day to explore some areas that I hadn’t been to yet in Dublin. I went to Howth and Blackrock, two towns by the water that offer adorable weekend markets and beautiful views. Seeing the Irish Sea was a great way to maximize a beautiful day in Dublin. 

Today was another lovely day for weather in Ireland, so I went on a hike from Bray to Greystones after work! This was a 7km cliff walk that had absolutely stunning views. The walk was treacherous and the commute to and from Wicklow was a bit tedious, but I knew this was something I wanted to do while I was in Ireland. It was truly worth it for the incredible, picturesque view at the top and along the way. Taking the time to try new things after work has kept the work week interesting for me! 

Within my internship, I’ve been continuing to go to court, help out around the office, and collect/drop off documents from various court buildings. Even though the tasks are the same, I’m always seeing new things in court which keeps everything exciting.  I also enjoy getting to attend different types of court sessions in multiple areas of law to diversify my routine and perspective. I have found that being interested in the type of work I’m doing truly does make the day go by faster.

I really enjoy the office culture overall. Everyone in the office works diligently, but they also enjoy conversing when they can. It’s such a unique opportunity to hear so many perspectives on the legal system, which always prompts interesting dialogue. I also love hearing recommendations for things to do in Ireland. Even when I have traveled outside of Dublin, my co-workers always have suggestions for restaurants and things to do in each new place I’m going. 

Communication is an integral part of the workplace. Casual conversation is important to making the office culture interesting, and task-based communication is important to get things done effectively. I would say something that I have run into, both at home and in this internship, is that law firms tend to be so busy that there is no time for micromanagement. Everyone in the office is overwhelmed with their own work, and they don’t always have the time to communicate exact instructions. Asking clarifying questions has been critical in resolving any ambiguity that arises. Overall, though, people in the office are able to communicate well when they need help. I also feel that they are able to communicate feedback well, and they tend to be very honest with feedback which is helpful. 

Something that has really aided in the communication abilities in the office is the fact that everyone is physically present. The work lends itself to being completed in person, so the office operates fully. This allows the people in the office to get to know one another well since we are seeing each other every day. I’ve really learned the value of communication in the workplace in various forms throughout this internship. 

I truly can not believe that this is my second to last week interning in the office, and that my time in Dublin will be coming to a close shortly. There is still more I want to do while I am here, but I’m happy to say that I feel I’ve made the most of my time here thus far. There are also parts of my internship I’m looking forward to in these upcoming two weeks, including a trial that has been adjourned repeatedly since I’ve gotten here. I hope that the trial proceeds this week so I’m able to witness a trial while in Dublin. 

There are two weeks remaining in the program, and I’m excited to do as much as possible with my time left here, both in and out of the office.