Reflecting on my time in Florence

I learned so much during my time studying abroad in Florence this summer. I realized that intelligence can come in many different forms and that everyone has knowledge on different topics which makes working together so great because everyone brings something to the table. I was surprised by how quickly I adjusted to life in Italy and I was really proud of myself for traveling completely alone in taxis, trams, trains, buses, and planes. I feel like I came home a much more mature version of myself with all of these life skills in my pocket.

I definitely have also learned how to develop professional relationships with my professors and the CAPA staff through this experience. I grew comfortable asking them questions about school work, but also about their favorite things to do around Florence and I certainly would not have had nearly as great of a time without their local recommendations. My international economics class really sparked several interests of mine and now I am even more excited about my pursuit of the international business certificate and all of the classes that will come along with that.

When coming back to Pitt this fall and more specifically the College of Business Administration, I am eager to form more significant bonds with my professors and soak up as much knowledge as I can from them like I did in Florence. A key takeaway for me was to never be afraid to ask questions. Discussion is imperative in most business classes and will surely be a huge point in my future career. Understanding a topic from top to bottom is far more important than seeming “cool” and your professors will take note if you are dedicated to getting a concept.

Lastly, take advantage of all of the great people you are meeting. I learned so much from the friends I made in my program just by hanging out everyday and exploring together. Everyone comes from such different backgrounds and can offer new perspectives you may not have yourself. The people I met during this program have become some of the best friends I have ever made and I hope to continue these friendships for my entire life.

PrannM02- My friends and I went to see an Opera in Teatro della Pergola
PrannM03- I watched the sun set over the Arno River on the Ponte Vecchio
PrannM04- We rode the carousel in Piazza della Repubblica
PrannM05- Ate the best fruit bought from a little fruit stand near CAPA