July 20, 2022- Pitt Athletics

1.  What is the greatest business opportunity you see for college sports and/or Pitt Athletics?

In my opinion the greatest opportunity would be to attempt to join either the SEC or the Big 10. The two conferences are forming almost a super conference. The revenue from viewership and brand deals would increase playing Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma etc every week compared to playing Syracuse, Boston College, and Rhode Island this year. Not only would this attract viewers to watch these competitive games, it would recruit even higher talent recruits that want to play in these games to get on the best stage. The better athletes would bring an increase of national recognition and viewership as well. Both an increase in competition and an increase of talent will bring an increase in revenue. 

2.  What is the greatest business threat you see for college sports and/or Pitt Athletics?

The biggest threat that I can see for Pitt athletics is if the football team is left out of the creation of the two super conferences that are being formed right now. If all the high market college football teams switch conferences like Clemson, Pitt would be stuck playing against Syracuse or other non attractive teams. The school would lose money from viewership because people would rather watch Alabama and Clemson play compared to Pitt destroying a low tier ACC team week in and week out. Not only would viewership decrease, the talent of recruits would also decrease because they aren’t playing on the biggest stage.

3.  Based on what YOU are interested in studying in the business school (i.e. marketing, finance, etc.), where could you gain experience/add value in a major college athletic department like Pitt Athletics? 

I am interested in the finance aspect of business. A major athletic department like Pitt would allow me hands-on training dealing with millions of dollars of revenue each year and how the financial operations work at such a large department. I am a passionate sports fan so the sports would provide me a value of interest while I monetarily give back in return. I can also gain experience through learning the business side and financial side that is present in a multi-million-dollar organization less than 1 mile from where I am studying.