Blog Post #2 07/20

What is the greatest business opportunity you see for college sports and/or Pitt Athletics?

The greatest business opportunity I see for college sports is merchandise sales. Since many colleges, including Pitt, already have ticket deals such as season passes and other promotions, merchandise sales can help to supplement the revenue from TV deals and ticket sales. Promoting specific athletes could help with merchandise sales through things like jerseys and other clothing items with athletes’ names on them.

What is a greatest business threat you see for college sports and/or Pitt Athletics?

A business threat that I could see for college sports is olympic sports becoming unprofitable. Olympic sports are important so that all athletes have the opportunity to do their sport at college, but certain olympic sports could start spending more money on equipment, marketing, etc., than they make through tickets, merchandise, and TV. Additionally, since most of the marketing attention is going towards the main revenue generators such as football and basketball, it is more challenging for the other sports to gain attention.

Based on what YOU are interested in studying in the business school (i.e. marketing, finance, etc.), where could you gain experience/add value in a major college athletic department like Pitt Athletics?

I think I could provide value to Pitt Athletics’ marketing because I have knowledge on college athletics and how they operate. This would add value because I could make posts that are specific to athletes that are currently popular or help to boost an athlete who is performing well’s social media presence, generating more revenue for Pitt Athletics.