Hello everyone! 

My name is Frances Adams, and I am an incoming freshman at the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration and the David C. Frederick Honors College. I was born and raised in Barrington, Rhode Island, a small town in an even smaller state.  

I love working with people and have an innate fascination with the process of creating and marketing products, so I knew that the Business school was a great starting point for my academic and professional career at Pitt.  

I’ve started off my ‘professional’ career in the business world by developing my own small business, Just Another Slimer, and hope to develop many more businesses in the future. Throughout my time in the Haller Global program thus far, I’ve found great interest in consulting, entrepreneurship, and marketing, but hope to familiarize myself with all areas of business throughout my time in the College of Business Administration.  

I’ve chosen the Haller Global Honors Fellowship because traveling in an academic setting allows me to explore international business while working on a consulting team. This program is a perfect way to gain invaluable firsthand experience, even before starting my first semester at Pitt. Additionally, the Haller program allows me to acclimate myself to Pittsburgh and make friends along the way, ultimately enabling me to succeed and start the fall semester with peace of mind.