My name is Cameron Golden and I am an incoming first-year student at The University of Pittsburgh! I am extremely excited to start my studies in my major Global Management as it is my ambition to work for or start international businesses, especially ones involving Spanish-speaking countries. I grew up about ten minutes outside of Philadelphia in a town called Chestnut Hill. Some of my interests include reading, surfing, skiing, and making clothes. Additionally, I have played tennis my entire life, which lead me to have the opportunity to become a tennis camp counselor and captain of my high school tennis team. My first intensive job experience began at the end of my sophomore year in high school. I was a hostess and food expeditor at a restaurant called Southern Cross Kitchen in Conshohocken PA. My work experience in customer service taught me how to stay composed and focused in a fast-paced environment.

I am lucky to be a participant in the Haller Global Honors Fellowship program during the summer of 2022. I originally applied for this program because of the benefits that come from the opportunity to visit major companies abroad before I enter my first year and dive deep into the layers of international business, both of which will prepare me for my Global Management major. Of course, another reason I chose the Haller program was to experience the culture, people, and business of Dublin, Ireland. I also hoped that the experiences I gain from the program will allow me to narrow down on what classes to take in my college career and identify what skills I most want to develop.