Introduction Blog Post – (7/22/22)

Hello, my name is Dhruv Vasudevan and I am from Reston, Virginia. Throughout my life, Iv’e always been surrounded with business as both my parents have business careers. After many discussions with my parents as well as individual research, the field of consulting looks very interesting and I could see myself really enjoying it as a profession. With that being said, I was really drawn to Pitt Business because of the exceptional resources they have and high job placement rates to back this up. For the time being, I am interested in studying Finance and Marketing and possibly Supply Chain Management. I also might do a leadership and ethics certificate as well as participate in a couple business clubs.

The Haller Global Honors Program was an opportunity I could not pass on. Not only was I getting the chance to get to campus early and familiarize myself with Pittsburgh, but also I had the chance to earn credits by taking a class. In addition, the travel abroad aspect ultimately made me decide to apply to this program. Having the ability to work with a real company from Dublin was a really unique opportunity. This experience would allow me to actually experience a real life consulting project and is an experience I can always look back on. Taking a college class before the semester starts will also give me perspective into the amount of work and level of thinking I can expect. Having the chance to meet and talk to the helpful career services staff here at Pitt is also invaluable because of the so many resources they have access to.