Goals for Haller Global Honors Fellowship – Blog Post (7/23/22)

Iv’e been passionate about traveling to new places and meeting different types of people for as long as I can remember. This Opportunity felt like the perfect way to meet new people not only on Campus in Pittsburgh but also abroad in Dublin. In Dublin, I look forward to experiencing new types of people, cultures, food and also businesses. In terms of my personal interests, Iv’e always been interested in learning abut new companies and how they operate. Looking long term, the consulting profession was always something that really intrigued me. In this program, I have the opportunity to take a valuable class that teach me many important business tools and concepts which will be extremely helpful for my future. On top of this, I get the chance to put my learning to action through a real consulting project with a company abroad. I really look forward to this because it’s so relevant to my future as I am looking to pursue consulting in the future. I hope to familiarize myself with all the resources Pitt Business has to offer and plan out my plan for the next four years. With all the helpful Pitt Business faculty, it makes it very easy access any information I am looking for.

My professional goals for this program revolve around networking early on since I have the opportunity to meat such influential people in their respective fields. In Dublin getting the chance to meet business professionals is a very rewarding opportunity and I look forward to learning the most I can from them. Truly gaining perspective as to how consulting works and all the aspects that are needed to have a successful project is something that I feel will be crucial to my development as a business student. In addition, working with clients from a different country will teach me how to interact with people who potentially have different cultures or backgrounds than I am used to. This will be invaluable because I will interact with so many different people in my next four years and beyond in what ever business field I choose to pursue.