Blog Post #5 07/23


My personal interests and goals for the program are to learn more about Irish culture. I think that visiting Dublin will be a good opportunity to get a glimpse into Irish culture and experience their culture firsthand. I want to try Irish foods, see and experience Irish traditions, and overall gain the full Ireland experience. I also want to be able to gain a more global perspective during the program. Experiencing Irish culture and international business will shape my perspective into a more global one. Having a global perspective will help me to have more understanding of people from other parts of the world and their traditions.

My professional goals for the program are to be able to network with my classmates and with other professionals there. I want to make my network wider so that I’ll be better set for the future and have more connections for my professional career. Additionally, I want to gain business experience through the program which I can apply to my career and the rest of college.