My Personal and Professional Goals

So far, my participation in the Haller Global Honors Program has pushed me both personally and professionally, as I practice networking and communicating with unfamiliar faces in the Pitt community. Reaching out and keeping in contact with others is not one of my natural strengths, but I have been encouraged by my mentors to practice this crucial skill. In terms of my professional development, I look forward to exploring the field of consulting, as I work with DoOrder on the business development team. As always, any chance to practice my presentation skills will be incredibly beneficial to my professional career, as consultants constantly present their proposals to clients. Throughout my first week in the Haller Global Honors Program, I have been pushed personally, academically, and professionally by the demands of a rigorous class schedule and the everyday challenges of college life.  Just 6 days into the program, I already feel confident networking and emailing adults that I have had the opportunity to learn from in class. I hope to continue to develop this skill by keeping in touch with these advisors in the future.