My Goals for the Haller Global Honors Fellowship Program

My time in the Haller Global Honors Fellowship program will allow me to immerse myself in a culture that plays a considerable role in my family’s heritage. Both of my grandparents descended from Ireland, specifically Castlepollard, County Mayo, and County Clare. One thing that I have found through my travels is that people from different countries often have different values and outlooks on life. I hope to hold meaningful con1versations with the people that live in Dublin to gain new perspectives.

I believe that studying Abroad presents students with a hands-on learning opportunity like no other. Just like peoples’ varying outlooks on life, the foundations of business vary depending on a country’s culture, environment, and state of affairs. I hope to become well versed in the functioning of Irish businesses and how they vary from the companies originating in the United States. One of the first reasons the program stuck out to me was due to the similarities between its teachings and the basis of my major Global Management. Hence, my professional goals largely revolve around learning more about the different international business careers and the type of skills that are necessary to have, along with taking all that I can from the consulting project that we have the opportunity of doing with DoOrder.