Personal and Professional Goals

My personal Interest in the Haller Global Honors Program is to learn more about Dublin’s culture and explore the beautiful city. I am used to being International, as I once lived in England for two years and traveled through Spain, Italy, Amsterdam, and France. I did all this traveling at the age of six, so the international experience has been a big part of how I view things. I hope to translate my ability to understand different cultures into an understanding of global business. This program allows me to learn how to think globally due to the consulting project with DoOrder. I hope to take the skills and approaches I learn in Dublin and bring them to class in the Fall, as I will have a new perspective in my Business and Politics class.

Professionally, I hope to use this experience as a gateway to future study abroad programs. Spending a semester abroad in another country would be excellent as I would be able to network and completely assimilate myself into the culture. The consulting project in Dublin will help me pick the best future program as well as help me apply global thinking in my future internships. Talking about this wonderful experience with potential employers will show my unique perspectives on how to solve potential problems.