Personal Goals for the Haller program – Blog Post 07.23.2022

Through this program, I simply want to improve upon all of my existing strengths and to develop new ones. One thing that I know I’ll be able to achieve is shaping my thinking into a multi-angled process. In all of our classes so far, there has been a repeated emphasis on considering a variety of factors that might affect a business, from the external environment and from within. In addition, I’m forcing myself outside of my comfort zone with regards to just living life. I’ve moved from tiny suburbs in North Bergen County NJ to a major city, with a lot of responsibilities that only I have the time to manage. I appreciate the challenge, and I would say I enjoy it, too. I feel that these sort of experiences take one’s level of capability – in every regard – several stories up, almost like an elevator.

Of course, I also have an interest in the professional side of my personal development. Having this experience through the Haller program and being able to reference it for years to come is not only a huge advantage on paper, but it also primes my mind to take on advanced challenges that otherwise might appear more daunting. I am excited to see the full realization of my growth this summer.