Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

Barrels to Beethoven, an organization founded in 2014 by Leigh Solomon Pugliano, serves to preserve black art through steelpan education. The programs created by this organization allow children to engage in art history by learning how to play an instrument that ultimately acts as “an anchor of community connectedness”. The social mission of Barrels to Beethoven is to share the art of black culture through unrepresented music. This venture is advantageous in the sense that the steelpan is a community-oriented art. Because this art form thrives in a community-based setting, individuals that engage with the steelpan will feel a sense of belonging, ultimately leading to a healthy collaborative environment that allows all participants to thrive. In the future, Barrels to Beethoven could be limited by the fiscal constraints that commonly hurt the music community.  


Toms, a for-profit organization founded in 2006, creates revenue while improving the lives of millions across the world. Originally based on the “One for One” impact model, the company donated one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of Toms purchased. As of 2020, Toms has donated 100,000,000 pairs of shoes to third world countries. Since 2020, Toms has revised their already generous impact model in an effort to assist an even broader range of individuals in need. Toms now donates 1/3 of profits to grassroots good, ultimately enabling communities the fiscal support to address an issue that they face directly. The impact model of this organization is incredibly advantageous as it encourages consumers to purchase Toms in order to better the world around them. Contradictory to the business model, Toms may be limited in the future by critiques because they source the fabric for their shoes from China and Vietnam. Despite the positive messaging behind the brand, Toms acknowledges that there may be human trafficking within their supply chain. 

Considering my career interests of consulting and entrepreneurship, I believe that social entrepreneurship is incredibly intriguing. In the modern industry, having a social impact is crucial to creating a sound brand that consumers can wholeheartedly support.