Looking Ahead to the Next Four Years – Blog Post – 07.26.2022

I really like music that fills me with raw, epic emotion, but that doesn’t distract me with intelligible words. My favorite group is called Two Steps From Hell. A lot of the music they make creates images of battlefields and bloodied heroes. Sometimes, when I’m in a lighter mood, I turn to the old reliable: classical. Of course, “classical” takes many different forms, and I would even argue that Two Steps From Hell is classical in a way. But it’s widely understood what I mean when I discuss this particular genre. It’s musically sophisticated, image- and emotion-evoking, and it creates a beautiful sort of dialogue between the sounds produced by the instruments and the way our brains register those particular compressions of the air. It’s timeless.

Regarding undergraduate study, I currently am planning to major in Marketing and Finance, except I’m also interested in pursuing Supply Chain Management. It’s all subject to change, but I at least need to have some semblance of direction for decision-making purposes.

I’m completely disinterested in collecting skills in college only to apply them for someone else’s sake in a monotonous corporate pen. Instead, I want to take what I learn and use it to carve a new path. Perhaps I’ll end up performing the same tasks either way, but I intend to at least perform them for the sake of novelty and the exploration of ideas, not for the repeated production of ideas that have already been expressed.

I know what I’m interested in, and I know what my goals are. I could dive deep into the explanation of what my goals are, but I only want to do that when I know that my audience wants to listen to it. Plainly, I do not want to do what has already been done. What’s the point of that? To live a life that someone else has already lived? To have the same thoughts that have already been had? To produce nothing new in the world? Each of us is here for less than an instant compared to the colossal size of the object of Time from our Universe’s conception to its end. But even a single pebble can spur an avalanche. So, too, can single human can change the world.

What it means to endeavor to do so, beginning with four years of undergraduate business school, involves an active passion for growth. The active desire to extend a greeting to someone wiser than myself, to ingest information and to question it. The act of questioning information is akin to the act of chewing food. Should you try to swallow your food whole, you likely either will choke or you’ll at the very least reap minimal benefits from it. It is through chewing that we ensure the complete digestive receptance of the nutrients we intake. It is through asking questions that we wrap our heads beneath, around, and above an idea.

I am able to find intrigue in a variety of areas, except there are some topics that particularly captivate me. I am going to seek those out and devote my heart and soul to them.