July 25, 2022- Regulations

The PDO aims to keep certain foods authentic. The Parmigiano Reggiano is an example of a food that is regulated under the PDO. The cheese is made in Parma, Italy and the regulation stops other companies from selling this type of cheese in European countries. Kraft is forced to sell under a different name of Pamsello Italiano in those European nations. While the PDO ensures the authenticity and quality of the cheese being produced and sold throughout Europe, they are taking away the option of a free market. Some customers would argue Kraft should be able to sell the cheese inside of Europe and promote a free market where they can decide which type of cheese they would prefer to purchase. An issue being presented through competing pressures is the want for the original cheese company to keep it as a solo product in Europe while Kraft is trying to introduce itself into the cheese market under a different name. Businesses are influenced by social concerns because the decision on how they act upon these concerns can determine if they are able to retain their customers or if those customers will stop buying from the business. The business would ideally want to adhere to social concern to retain all those customers, but sometimes that isn’t a possibility or in the best interest of the management of the company. 

Through regulation the PDO can allow Kraft to sell under the different name of cheese to separate the authentic type away from the kind Kraft is creating. The regulation will allow both companies to have footing in the cheese selling market in Europe, but distinguish them from each under different names. In a free market the Kraft cheese could be sold however they want. The buyer can choose which cheese they would prefer to consume instead of having the government limit his choices in something as simple as the cheese they eat. 

Another issue that the argument can be made about free market vs government regulation is electric cars. Some people in the government including Joe Biden want to push for more electric car usage in the United States. While trying to achieve this feat federal regulation may be put into place forcing businesses or individuals to purchase certain cars. Most would prefer to choose what type of car they want through a free market. The free market of automobiles allows the buyer to choose what they want instead of being forced into moving away from gas using cars and toward electric cars for the sake of the economy.