Majoring in Business

My Playlist is the Following:

  • Flashing Lights- Kanye West
  • Clique- Jay Z
  • Tres Leches- Big Pun
  • Bring it on- Jay Z
  • Check Out Time- 2Pac
  • Who Am I- Snoop Dogg
  • Eye for an Eye- Mobb Deep
  • A week Ago- Jay Z
  • I Love the Dough- Notorious B.I.G
  • Pitch In On a Party- DJ Quik

This playlist puts me in the zone when studying because the music is very upbeat and easy to follow along too. Some of the songs in this playlist are aggressive, but that helps motivate me to stay focused and know that the paper must get finished. As an undergraduate business major, I look forward to studying how Business and Law affect one another in Government Regulations, how monopolies are created, how major acquisitions are controlled, and the steps needed for a company to have an IPO. These Finance topics interest me as I hope to have a career in Investment Banking or as a Consultant. Knowledge of these topics is essential to both of these careers.

Regarding my choice to study business, I believe that education is vital, but it is not the only thing one should be focused on. In my opinion, I learn better when placed in the environment that I am studying. For example, if I am researching the community benefits of a Non-Profit, I learn best by going to the non-profit and asking specific questions. The business majors allow one to engage in academically rigorous classes while providing students with hands-on learning opportunities. I can’t entirely agree with the statement “We Don’t Need No Education,” as Education can provide opportunities to many, but I believe a balance between Internships and Education is needed.

With the Four Years ahead of me, I plan to take advantage of the opportunities by creating a list of what is important to me. Through exploration, I want to try everything that interests me and then create a list of how I want to achieve these goals. For example, I want to meet with EIRs monthly to build a relationship and gain their unique perspective on questions I may have. I anticipate connecting with various members of Pitt Alumni to learn how they approached specific problems and the steps taken to fix them. Gaining hand-on-experience through volunteering, internships, and clubs are all ways that will allow me to keep learning, spend my time wisely, and network with potential employers. Grades are essential, but if my grades are perfect and I do not have hands-on experience, I will not stand out as a candidate for jobs. I will strive to make scarifies for great grades and great internship experiences.