Intellect as a Separate or Common Entity to Business

When I am doing work, I typically listen to music that doesn’t always require me to truly analyze its implied message. Music that helps quiet my mind in a similar way that white noise does. An artist that I have recently been listening to while doing my work is Declan Mckenna, whose music can be described as glam rock, indie, or pop. Some notable songs of his are: 

  1. Brazil
  2. Why Do You Feel So Down
  3. British Bombs
  4. Basic

As an undergraduate business student in Global Management, I am excited to study the additional factors that international business contains. I hope to learn about the challenges and benefits of running an international business, and if specific challenges require certain jobs and specialists. 

In Global Management, and business as a whole, revenue and financial gain is almost always a large part of an individual’s job. In many cases, an individual must put aside passion for profit. If an individual’s end goal is to make as much money as possible, then they may have to sacrifice the opportunity to enjoy the entirety of their job.  However, intellectual pursuits do not always have to be separate from business studies. Innovation and creativity are key for a person going into business. Nothing in business will always go as it was originally planned. This is where innovative ideas can redirect the original plan to fit the new situation. Additionally, businesses have to be creative when facing new challenges or dealing with competition. A business that stays stagnant and does not differentiate itself from others will eventually be left behind. 

An interesting factor of Global Management is the focus on people and different cultures. How to manage a business across national and cultural boundaries. I hope to take advantage of opportunities that allow me to get creative when facing a hurdle regarding differences between societies and regions. I can also lessen intellectual deficits that can happen due to attention to financial gain, status, and grades by pursuing subjects that interest me. I will first expand my studies to topics in and outside of business, and then I narrow down my studies when I find areas that genuinely intrigue me.