Why Major in Business?

Study Music 

Because I find music distracting while studying and writing, I have found other ways to focus my attention while working on assignments. Throughout high school, I learned that keeping a packed schedule enables me to be as productive as possible with the time I have. For example, my grades were consistent throughout the school year despite the fact that during the fall soccer season I had extremely limited time outside of school to compete assignments. Weirdly enough, I work better in situations with limited time than others with a surplus. 

Intellectual Benefits of Majoring in Business 

As an undergraduate business major, I look forward to studying social entrepreneurship and learning about consulting practices. I find that advising businesses and designing value creating business models that align with social missions is fascinating, and I cannot wait to learn more about these industries throughout my time at Pitt. 

Intellectual Deficits of Majoring in Business 

Many business majors pursue a career in consulting for the wrong reasons, most of which involve a desire to attain a high paying job, as highlighted by Pink Floyd’s song. However, I am driven to enter the study of consulting by my own curiosity and interest, rather than being motivated by fiscal desire. On the other hand, the study of social entrepreneurship is easily justified by the benefits of the social missions established by many companies and is rarely associated with greed. 

Taking Advantage of Opportunities  

I anticipate being able to take advantage of intellectual challenges throughout my 4 years as a business student by capitalizing on the opportunities presented to me. A perfect example is my commitment to the Haller Global Honors Program before my freshmen year began. Of course, as a business student, I also plan to take challenging classes in an effort to cultivate an academic outline that sets me up for success in my future career. Outside of classwork, I hope to gain internship and job experience through networking and building relationships. I plan to mitigate the greedy desires often associated with ‘the stereotypical business student’ by surrounding myself with people that are motivated to make the world a better place through business and entrepreneurship.