Blanket & Board

Business Development Assessment 

Blanket & Board’s business model is attractive in the event planning industry. The CEO, Tierra Thorne, saw a market for outdoor activities at the start of the pandemic and capitalized on the opportunity. Because the company is booked for the entire summer, the company could further develop by expanding their business to reach a larger audience. Increasing the accessibility of their business will allow them to serve more customers and provide their picnic service to a wider range of customers.  

Similarities Between Companies 

In the future, Blanket & Board’s business model may be challenged if post-pandemic (if there is such a thing) culture returns to an indoor dining focus. Additionally, because outdoor picnics are only in demand for one season of the year, Blank & Board may want to adapt to provide a year-round service.  

Blanket & Board and DoOrder face similar challenges in the sense that both services have a demand, but little knowledge of how to expand to meet their clients’ needs. On the business development side, I would recommend hiring interns and part-time staff to meet consumer demands in the short term and hiring a larger full-time staff to reach long-term goals.