Blog Post – Blanket and Board (7/28/22)

Blanket and Board is an event planning company which was started by Tierra Thorne and provides pop up, high end picnics in the Pittsburgh area. The company Blanket and Board utilizes certain marketing strategies in order to maximize their customer base and help draw in new customers. The company preaches creating safe spaces where people of all backgrounds can feel acknowledged and enjoy time to relax. A large part of their marketing efforts aim to reinforce their partnerships with non-profits and donations to programs that support equality and human rights. The overall design of the website is very visually appealing and I like how there are testimonials from people who have had great experiences with Blanket and Board. Clearly, the company is able to gain a strong customer base as even through a global pandemic where most companies struggle, Blanket and Board actually thrived because their business model is based off the concept of social distancing. I would say in the future because this company relies so heavily on the weather, for the company to market ways that they provide services during the winter. For example, special Christmas bundles which can be provided in the winter and can occur in an indoor setting. This can connect to my next idea which is to have holiday themed bundles. For instance, a thanksgiving bundle, an easter bundle or even a fourth of July bundle. These bundles can contain food and drinks that go with the holiday and the picnics can be in an indoor or outdoor setting.

Blanket and Board and Doorder are similar as they both are companies which have strong core values and pride themselves in supporting small businesses. On top of this, they both are women ran companies who are looking to further develop their company. In addition, because these companies are both so early in their development, there is a lot of gray area in terms of how to further develop and add new services. Furthermore, getting a larger employee base would be useful to both companies to help jumpstart the development and get more ideas.