Blanket and Board


Blanket and Board has a very well put together website. The first thing that you see on their website is an example of what their spread looks like so that you can see what you are getting, and then the book now button, so that you can book a service right then and there. They also show their prices under each option clearly, and the process of signing up for a picnic is very easy. You pick a date and time, and request to book seamlessly. Their instagram also is well done, as they know their audience well. They market more professionally rather than friendly and playfully. This is because their target audience is primarily couples (engagements and weddings), and other adults. With that in mind, expanding their social media outreach to TikTok would not be a good suggestion, because it is significantly less professional. Their Facebook is similar to their Instagram, where they come off very professionally.

Some problems that they may run into in the future are expansion outside of their local area, as their business model is suited for one specific area. To combat this, they could hire outside workers that could set up the picnic for a specific region. Since they have such a specialized, personal business, their model is suited for one region, which could make expansion hard. An opportunity both of them have is marketing to local businesses/people, which can help to support them because it builds loyalty with their clients.