Blanket and Board Blog Post

Blanket and Board is a comprehensive and organized organization. The website provides many great details about the services and how the company plans to move forward. From a business development perspective, Tierra and her staff should consider establishing another location in North Park or other Pittsburgh suburbs. While the city is a great place to grow clientele and attract a variety of new customers, North Park houses a high-class area that could spread the word of blanket and board services. Suppose Blanket and Board had any interest in expanding into downtown Pittsburgh; In that case, these locations are the suburbs and may pave the way for downtown expansion. Also, North Park has a lot of history, as it has been around for a long time and attracts many visitors daily. A partnership with North Park could add Blanket and Board to the services North Park offers, including Archery, Fishing, Boating, and Golf. Tierra and her team could reach out to corporate clients who may already have a working relationship with members of North Park. Pittsburgh’s Parks Conservatory would be the perfect client to reach out to. Also, Blanket and Board may want to market themselves to college students. College students may not have enough money to pay for the services that the organization wants, but the sheer abundance of college students across Pitt, Duquesne, CMU, and other colleges could make this endeavor profitable. “College Student Day” on the weekend after finals week could bring in much revenue for the company as students will want to relax, unwind, and partake in self-care.

The two challenges I mentioned above were expansion, reviewing a market segment, and learning how to capitalize on it. Thinking to the future, Doorder has similar challenges, as they want to expand across Ireland and eventually the United States. Doorder needs to prioritize expansion through places that partake in Irish culture, just as Blanket and Board need to prioritize expansion through North Park’s history and proximity to Downtown Pittsburgh. Also, for Doorders market segment, picking companies based on their warehouse availability and if they are an omnichannel is very important. A variety of different organizations is helpful for a small company to grow its brand. In the case of Blanket and Board, marketing their services at a cheaper rate to college students will bring in more revenue as Pittsburgh is home to many universities.