July 28, 2022- Blanket and Board

As far as the business development side of the company I see some positives and things that set them apart from competitors, but I also see some areas that can be changed or improved. I find the catered picnic is a very interesting model. I think one of the greatest advantages that they can use is having venues that overlook the city or certain special parts of the city. This could help attract more tourists and other people looking to see the city. Another thing I feel can be implemented is getting the food and other materials from small female and minority businesses that they mentioned they support. The two owners said they only get their meat and cheese from Trader Joe’s, if they could find an alternative that was women or minority owned that would be a great way to show how they are helping these companies.

A similar goal that could be used in when talking to DoOrder is suggesting companies that only support companies with a similar social mission. In the client meeting they said they will pair with any retailer as long as they feel a profit can be made regardless of their personal social mission. Helping to only support companies that align their values will help be sustainable in the long run.