Motivation for my Travels to Ireland

I always knew that a large part of my family derived from Ireland but it wasn’t until high school that I truly looked into that side of my family’s history. I once got an assignment to explore the meaning of my name and what it represents. I learned that my name, Cameron, was my great-great-grandmother’s maiden name whose parents were immigrants from Ireland. I learned that the majority of the family on my mom’s side were Irish immigrants. Most of my family descended from Castle Pollard, County Mayo, and County Clare in Ireland, and I still have distant family in these areas. My family’s connection to Ireland and exploring Irish culture played a large role in my desire to go to Dublin for this project along with the amazing consulting opportunity with DoOrder. Along with Dublin, I have also always wanted to see the countryside, small towns, and cliffs of Ireland so I am very excited to travel to the Cliffs of Moher, Galway, Wicklow, and Kilkenny.

Another reason I was motivated to go to Ireland is that I knew that having the opportunity to visit major companies abroad before I enter my first year will be extremely beneficial when taking classes about global business. In my future career, I aspire to work in Spanish-speaking countries in international business. Due to this, I am excited like to take advantage of visiting international businesses abroad and begin to understand the lifestyle and opportunities of the employees.