Why Ireland?

Connection to Ireland 

After a quick phone call with my mom, I learned that I have 3 great-great grandparents that were born in Ireland! My mother’s maiden name is McVicker, and my grandmother’s is O’Connell, and a few of my cousins are red heads so I knew that I had Irish heritage but was not sure how it played into my family tree. I am interested to learn why my ancestors decided to immigrate to the United States by exploring Irish history throughout my time in Dublin. 

Reasons for Haller Global Honors Fellowship 

I decided to take the 2-week trip to Ireland, not because my ancestors happened to live there, but because I wanted to start the fall semester feeling confident and comfortable with college life. I know that I am entering college a step ahead of my peers (outside of the Haller Program) by immersing myself in foreign cultures and simply becoming accustomed to the culture at Pitt.