What Motivates You to Go to Ireland?

My personal connection to Europe is during my two years living abroad in England (ages 4-6). Even though I do not remember much of my time in England, I remember the beautiful architecture, friendly people, great food, and welcoming environment. I have never been to Ireland, so this is an entirely new experience. Now, as an adult, I look forward to reanalyzing aspects of European culture and building upon the few memories I have. This connection convinced me to partake in this program because I will be able to revisit Europe while learning about consulting. Participating in this program was an easy decision and a “no-brainer.” I hope to take pictures and use these blog posts as a way for me to always remember my experience and time in Ireland.

When reviewing the program, I researched Dublin’s business focus and realized that Dublin is a global business hub. As my first study abroad, going to a worldwide business hub will lay the groundwork for knowing how to communicate with cultural differences. Luckily, Dublin has many similarities to the U.S. regarding business and the language spoken, so I can ease myself into this. In the future, I am considering studying abroad in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has more cultural differences than the U.S., so I can use my experience in Dublin to help develop my problem-solving skills.

Dublin by night