My Interest Regarding Vikings in Ireland – 07.30.2022

I’ve always been very interested in medieval-era history, primarily European conflicts. I think this began when I was very young, as I would secretly be playing video games on the computer on school nights, when I should only have been doing work. I would have a Wikipedia tab open in the background to any random subject, whether it be about knights or archers of different types of weapons or even famous battles. Eventually, I started reading some of it, and I developed a real fascination.

One particular group that always piqued my interest were the Vikings. I’m aware that they ravaged Irish lands for a period of a few hundred years, which is a relevant point considering I’ll be going to Ireland this Monday. While there, I might have an opportunity to learn a little more about the history of the conflict, perhaps on tours or even just from everyday people in Dublin.

Of course, out of respect, it would be wrong for me to express admiration for the Vikings’ actions, so I’ll have to be mindful when exploring this topic and communicating my desire to learn more about it.

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