Blog Post – Pittsburgh Portion Takeaways (7/31/22)

Professional Development Takeaways

These two weeks in Pittsburgh have been extremely beneficial for me as I can strongly say Iv’e met some really inspiring people, formed meaningful connections and have learned some very applicable business tools. The content that was taught and the ways Professor Ray made the class engaging allowed for me to really understand and engage with the materiel. I have more clarity now in terms of where I see myself going with respect to my Professional journey and also have more understanding of the many resources Pitt business provides for me. With regard to the sight visits, I was able to network with a variety of different business professionals and learn valuable lessons from each one of them. It was amazing to see how much each of these business professionals had passions which ultimately allowed them to create such interesting businesses.

Personal Development

These two weeks have been very memorable weeks of my life so far because it was the start of my personal journey without any of my family, Specifically, being a twin it was the first time Iv’e ever been separated from my brother for an extended period of time. Prior to this program, I have spent nearly everyday with my twin brother. Iv’e learned that this new amount of independence is something that I really enjoy and feel that I have gained more assurance through this program. It is a liberating feeling knowing that I am starting my college experience soon and I have so much independence to be the best version of myself everyday.