July 31, 2022- Last Day In Pittsburgh

The time away from my parents and adjusting to life at college has helped develope me professionally and personally. Professionally I have been able to make connections with many people that can help me down the road at this Univeristy to become successful. I was able to form relationships with many advisors, staff, and other students that can help me down the road to where I want to be when I graduate from Pitt and after graduation. Personally my biggest take away is the friends I have made. Going into this experience I thought I would be alone for 4 weeks just sitting in my room doing work alone. Instead I formed great friendships which were strengthened from being able to work together, eat together, and play basketball together. Being able to maintain physical activity through basketball while using it to connect with new friends really helped me have a good time in this experience. The friends I made allowed me to get out of the dorm and get the most of my two week experience here at Pitt before the start of the semester next month.