Mid-Point Meeting

When discussing the deliverables with Diane tomorrow, showing research and a considerable amount of care when talking about potential issues is essential. As students, we have more time to focus on a specific part of the business, while Diane is juggling many moving pieces of the company. Tomorrow, I plan on describing my approach to analyzing retailers and demographics that would provide Doorder with the most revenue. I hope to ask Diane if there are any particular retailers she values the most, as I can target these retailers more in-depth with her point of view. As a team, we can build upon what we already demonstrated during the initial zoom. We can continue to give each other time to talk and ask important and intelligent questions to Diane. When Diane answers, we must all be attentive to know what to add or change for the final presentation. 

Tomorrow, we can each share what we find Doorder doing well in the aspects we are individually researching. I could describe that many websites detail a “same-day delivery service,” but only a few mention Doorder by name. Is this done on purpose? Or should Molly and the marketing team ask these retailers to promote the Doorder service by name on the websites? Listing the strengths will make it easier to ask the questions we have gathered since starting research.