Blog Post – Midpoint Meeting Preparation (8/3/22)

In order for me to demonstrate my credibility tomorrow at the midpoint meeting, I need to be the most prepared I can be. Obviously, I don’t need to be completely finished, but I should have enough research done so that Molly can let me know her thoughts. My team and I should be clear and not only share what we have but ask meaningful questions so we can gain more clarity moving into next week. This is a great opportunity to reinforce one last time what we have been working on and get Molly’s thoughts on our work thus far.

Given the client meeting will be on zoom, we need to all act very engaging and communicate clearly. Molly and Diane need to feel like we have a direction we are headed and all are on the same page. We should be engaged by asking questions and the questions should be meaningful and allow for more clarity and sense of what we be working toward. We also shouldn’t all go into this acting like we know everything about the company but rather present what we have in a way which they can actually understand.