Midpoint Client Meeting

Demonstrating Credibility 

I will establish myself as a credible source to the DoOrder team by speaking confidently about my well researched deliverable: Social Mission Best Practices. Through research, I have analyzed the implementation of social missions across a variety of companies. This knowledge enables me to speak intelligently about the sustainability of social goals and make practical suggestions to Diane and the DoOrder team. 

Tomorrow, the business development team can establish credibility through intellectual discussion about our respective deliverables with Diane. Through conversation, we will gain Diane’s trust and ultimately make feasible recommendations for the development of DoOrder’s business model. 

Connection with Client 

I will create a connection with Diane by initiating conversation in my area of research and discussing her goals for the project. I will listen to Diane and gear my research and deliverables towards whatever aspect of the social mission she finds most pressing. As a group, the business development team will convey to Diane that we appreciate and respect her needs by listening to what she wants from the consulting project in order to truly help the business.