First Impressions of Dublin – 08.02.2022

What caught my attention first was the architecture. I could tell that where I’m from, in the northeast, some of he buildings are inspired by cultural architecture from this region of the world, which is in alignment with the history of the groups of people who emigrated into the United States. It’s interesting to me to see that cultures can be retained miles and miles apart.

My first interaction with a Dublineer was on the plane ride over (he’s actually from a small town in West Ireland, not Dublin, but my meeting with him was important enough that I’d like to write about it). His name was Aaron O’Connor. He and I spoke at length about determination to succeed, and some philosophies about the world and human nature. He’s only three years older than myself, and yet he had much to offer me.

Around the streets, we saw a lot of Deliveroo drivers. I’ll be interested to see if they pose a threat to DoOrder’s development, although Diane made an apt point last week that DoOrder does not deliver perishables. That might be enough to sustain its distinct identity.