August 2, 2022- First Day In Dublin

Today my first impression was the crazy driving I also experienced in London. It felt as if all the drivers didn’t have stop signs or turn signals and made me a little sick, but I still am thankful for Edgar’s generosity in picking us up so early. All throughout the day we were greeted by nice and helpful people at Trinity College, the restaurants, and CAPA. Seeing all buildings and architecture have been very interesting and fascinating.

The fun story I have today is when I got back to the apartments Taavi, Dhruv, and I were able to play soccer with local Ukrainian children outside in the courtyard. We played for about a half hour before the one kids mother came out for him to go, she thanks us for playing with the kids. All around the kids and mother were so nice and I always love connecting through soccer.

The thing that has reminded me of Doorder was first seeing many Deliveroo drivers throughout the city of Dublin all utilizing bikes which was just interesting to see. Another thing was seeing one of their retailers and looking instead the store.