Blog Post – First Day in Dublin (8/3/21)

Upon arriving in Dublin, I was surprised as to how friendly everyone is here and the remarkable architecture that dates back hundreds of years ago. I was also very surprised at how nice people were dressing, I would see the average person wearing fairly fancy clothing and a large number of people wearing suits while roaming the cobble stone paths. The food we got to try was excellent so far and I could tell that the food was very high quality amongst both restaurants we went to. The CAPA employees that helped us today were extremely helpful and very nice people, they gave us tours of the surrounding area near where we are staying. I was surprised at how narrow some of the roads were especially the cobblestone roads and I saw many bikers speeding past me. I could visualize DoOrder’s bikers and can see just why bikers can be very effective in a city like Dublin. There is so many people walking a long the sides of the roads as well as on, bikes are easily able to maneuver between traffic making it an effective method of delivery.