First Day in Dublin

During my first day in Dublin, I discovered that most Dubliners are willing to help you with learning their culture, language and traditions. When I went to the Book of Kells, this Dubliner held the door for me. As he held it and I walked through, the man said “cheers”. I had previously heard other Irish people say “cheers” as a response. After asking the man about clarification on the word cheers, he explained to me that it means thank you, you’re welcome, and a means of acknowledgement. I witnessed each example of the meaning of the word cheers later that day, and also got the chance to say it a lot. This experience taught me to not be afraid to ask questions and clarify because it’ll usually give you good information

The area with many, many stores which was sort of a city hub piqued my curiosity on the project because it is sort of a central point in Dublin where there may be many retailers who could mutually benefit from the partnership with DoOrder. Since it’s a hub, drivers could stay in that area and immediately take off from there to make a delivery.