Blog Post – Guiness Enterprise Center

One commercial opportunity for the Guinness Enterprise Centre in its efforts to support the development of local entrepreneurs in Dublin is that there are so many new startups who are in need for space specifically in Dublin and more than that the resources available for the start-ups can be very beneficial for many beginning stage start-ups. In addition ,because Dublin as a city attracts so much attention from foreign countries as a place to start a business, the GEC can have many potential businesses looking at them. One challenge that the GEC might potentially run into is having enough space to have many more businesses as it seems there are many start-ups that would be interested in the GEC. The actual space might not be enough if there is an exponential amount of start-ups interested in getting a office space.

The GEC is a great recourse for DoOrder because as a small business themselves, the GEC has not only office space that has such a motivating/collaborating atmosphere, but also invaluable resources which can help DoOrder expand as a venture. Specifically, GEC offers the startup meetings, business development meetings, mentorship meetings, and corporate innovation all which will be beneficial for DoOrder to grow their business.