Guinness Enterprise Centre

One commercial opportunity regarding the Guinness Enterprise Centre is that it can help to improve the surrounding area’s economic state. The GEC is right on the outskirts of the city and is almost like a divider between the city’s development and the part of the city which doesn’t get much development. They can use this to invest in the surrounding areas by doing resume reviews, providing jobs, etc. to the surrounding area. This would in turn help Dublin’s economy and also help the GEC by creating jobs and improving education quality. Hopefully, the people would then come back to work for or create their own businesses which could be part of the GEC. One challenge is that after covid, less people are working in person and the number of people working from home is increasing. Regardless, people will always need office space, so the GEC will still be fine.

The GEC is a resource for DoOrder because the other businesses that are a part of the GEC can support DoOrder. There is such a large variety of companies at the GEC that can help with DoOrder’s online presence, their marketing, etc. Also, there are networking events that DoOrder can go to through the GEC that will help to get DoOrder’s name out there.