Guinness Enterprise Centre- 8/8/22


One Commercial Opportunity the Guinness Enterprise Centre addresses is implementing a 10m E expansion plan. The plans are said to help entrepreneurs grow their network, brand, and investment funds to “scale globally.” Over the next five years, the entrepreneurs are expected to contribute a combined 77m E back to the Guinness Enterprise Centre. Spending 10m E to earn 77m E would be a great investment for the GEC. One challenge they may face is that the building is new, and many people are beginning to transition back to in-person work. Comfort levels may not be high as entrepreneurs must work on zoom and in-person. Also, the GEC is investing a lot of money to expand these entrepreneurs; some of the companies’ ideas may fail. While it is unlikely that all the companies will fail, if the GEC makes a poor financial decision, this could limit their expansion plans. 

The Guinness Enterprise centre is a resource for DoOrder because Further is the parent company to DoOrder, which works hand-in hard with the GEC. Diane was able to go to investors at Further to help her start her business. Our tour guide was able to connect via zoom with Diane, so there is a chance they knew each other before today’s meeting.