August 8, 2022- Guinness Entreprise

After the visit with Guinness Entreprise today I saw many opportunities and challenges facing the company post pandemic. An opportunity I see through the small businesses they help build is also there focus on helping build up the poor neighborhoods right next to them. The company helps resume building and providing jobs in the communities in the poorer neighborhoods outside Dublin near the entreprise. This helps provide better housing for a city in need of more homes and more potential workers for these new start ups being created in the incubation space. One challenge that I saw was there lack of getting some companies back into the office. Madison from Guinness told us about the mant promotions they offer to promote a happy workplace and to promote people into coming into work with yoga and game nights.

Firstly, Guinness could help DoOrder with a workplace. As of now they have no office and their workers barley have had any in person interactions. The first time Amanda ever met Molly was at the dinner on Thursday which can help build relationships inside a company. This working place would give them that. Guinness could also give another type of perspective that they’ve seen with other small businesses that we don’t see.