August 9, 2022- Docusign and Croke Park

In my own personal experience with signing documents virtually I feel that Docusign is in a blue ocean. The competition seems very limited allowing Docusign to expand in that field before other competition is able to enter the same market. Docusign having their EMEA in Dublin makes a lot of sense as we have learned through the many tours. The young population coupled with the universities creating many STEM students around Dublin is part of the reason. The very low corporate tax in Dublin and being the only english speaking country in the EU also gives reason to Docusign having their office in Dublin. The explanation for having an office physically in Europe instead of just the one in the United States can be due to the need of similar time zones that occupy the Europe, Middle East, and Africa markets.

The clear opportunity the stadium presents is being able to capture 2% of the Irish population. This allows them to not only monetize these sports, but the ability to show ads inside the stadium that is seen by a large portion of the Irish population. Being able to feed information to 2% of the entire population is important for companies and Croke Park can be very revenue generating by doing this. A challenge with the stadium seems like it could be filling the seats. Because of the population size of Ireland 83,000 people is a massive amount of the population. Having an event that all those people are interested in, available, and can afford presents a big challenge to the stadium.